Show Up Monday Night for the Re-Introduction of the Human Rights Ordinance

From Pepper Partin:

Did you know that walking from your car to the Indianapolis City-County Building will burn 1 million calories? Enjoy a guiltless Thanksgiving and look great in your new holiday wear this year by attending the City-County Council meeting this Monday night. Why? In addition to burning calories so your body will be in a much-needed holiday calorie deficit, you will be showing support for the re-introduction of Prop 622 – the proposal that will add sexual orientation and gender identity to the Human Rights Ordinance (HRO). The added language will make discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity illegal in the areas of housing and employment. Council member Jackie Nytes plans to re-introduce Prop 622 just in time for you to get that Madonna-like body prior to filling up on turkey or tofurkey or whatever macrobiotic diet followers eat on Thanksgiving.

When: Monday, November 21st at 6:30 (be there a little earlier if you can)
Where: City-County Building downtown Indianapolis – (across the street from the City Market) Beurt Servaas Public Assembly Room

As you may know, The HRO was defeated earlier in the year when Eric Miller and Advance America led a campaign against the added language just days before the Council vote. The campaign was successful albeit unethical since Miller called upon his cronies outside of Marion County and even outside of the state to barrage the Council with e-mails and phone calls. His campaign worked, and we can’t let it happen again! If Indianapolis wants to claim that it is a world class city, our City-County Council will need to prove it by following the lead of Daniels, Brizzi and Peterson.

The road to a second vote on Prop 622 may take several weeks and Rock Indiana, along with other organizations, will be calling on YOU to help. It will take all of us to win this battle. So pay attention to calls to action as the entire community will be needed. But let’s start with Monday night.

The Council will not be voting on Prop 622 or even hearing testimony Monday. And that’s the beauty. All you have to do is stand in unison with the Indianapolis/Marion County GLBT community and other fair-minded Hoosiers. You’ll look great doing it since you will have that just-worked-out rosey glow. So show up Monday night along with HUNDREDS who support Prop 68 and know that you can enjoy a guiltless holiday and you’ll look fabu.

Don’t let Eric Miller and other right wing radicals win this time!

A special Rock Indiana thank you to Jackie Nytes for her support and to the Greater Indianapolis Fairness Alliance and IE-Region 8 for their INCREDIBLE work on getting this before the Council again.

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Rock Indiana Counter Rally Key Information

Tuesday, March 8th at the State House – Capitol Ave.
East steps (facing Capitol Ave.)
From 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Parking will be a free for all, but Circle Center Garage may offer the best option. Carpool if you can. Make it as fun as possible – under the circumstances.

Though our counter rally will be silent, our signs and the sheer number of people will speak volumes. Make your own signs with your own messages such as
SJR7 – The Hate Debate
SJR7 – Blatant Discrimination
Eric Miller – Conservative Approach; Extremist Agenda.
A list of other possible sign messages will be forthcoming.

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This is a rally I’m planning on attending to speak out against SJR7, which will put anti-gay hatred into the Indiana constitution.

We are going to step outside of our homes and places of employment for one day – March 8th – to demonstrate and protest – not only against Eric Miller and his pro-marriage rally at the State House – but against the overall, blatant attempt by our lawmakers in Indiana to discriminate against homosexuals. The attempt at writing discriminatory legislation sends a clear message to our community, as well as to the state and country that we, as well as our economic contributions, are not welcome here.

Many of you already know that a bill was filed (SJR7) that will ban same sex marriage in Indiana. In addition to this discriminatory bill, two other bills have been filed:

SJR 585 – ATTACK ON ADOPTION/FOSTERING: This bill will prohibit homosexuals from being foster parents and adopting.

SJR 541 – ATTACK ON DOMESTIC PARTNER BENEFITS: According to the lawyers for employer disputes, this bill will limit eligibility under a state university health plan to an employee of the university and to the spouse and dependent children of the employee.

Eric Miller is the founder of Advance America – a group that deems itself the largest pro-family, pro-church, pro-private and home school, and pro-tax reform organization in the state of Indiana. His pro marriage rally at the State House will seek support for the ban of same sex marriage and civil unions. For more information on Advance America and Eric Miller’s pro marriage rally, visit

Eric Miller’s rally will be taking place at the State House in Indianapolis. And you can bet we will be there – but we are also giving thought to demonstrations statewide on that day since we realize that a trip to Indianapolis may be difficult for most. Watch for info on the organized demonstrations or plan your own peaceful attempt at getting our lawmakers’ attention on this matter.

Outside of attending town hall meetings, writing and calling our lawmakers, volunteering and simply staying informed, watch for more information on ROCKING INDIANA on March 8th. Planning for the demonstration(s) is still in its infancy, but what you should do right now is mark the day on your calendar and watch for more detailed info. Most importantly, plan to do something that day to fight for your rights.

Even if you do not care if you have the right to marry in the state of Indiana, you should be very concerned about the pro-active attempt at writing discriminatory laws that will send a very clear message to everyone in the state, as well as to everyone in the country, that we are second class citizens undeserving of equal rights and equal protection under our laws. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE! Outside of the aforementioned additional bills filed to discriminate against homosexuals, the wording of the recently filed Hershman bill (SJR 7) may include language that will make broader discrimination possible i.e. as with employment. So if the right to marry, garnering domestic partner benefits and/or fostering and adopting children do not hit home, getting a job and being able to keep it should.

PLEASE take the time; PLEASE make the effort to join us (wherever in the state it you may be) that day. Get your friends, family, neighbors and your children together. THIS WILL BE PEACEFUL! We need to put faces in front of our fight and we need to show the lawmakers in this state that we will not stand for discrimination based upon sexual orientation. We cannot lie down on this one folks! We need to come out in high numbers!

This grassroots effort encompasses folks from various GLBT organizations along with individuals with no particular organization-affiliation. We have put together a volunteer committee for pulling together this and possibly other events. If you would like to participate in organizing, please contact Pepper Partin.

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