no pumpkin house

Found out Thursday that I’m not going to get the house I’m renting. The deal fell through on the owner’s side of things. It didn’t appraise for what he was asking for, and he has too much $$ in it to sell for the value. So I’m back to square one — looking for a house to buy.

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Chapel Perilous

Pretty cool site.
So, My closing date is a week away, and I’ve done everything I can possible do, but the termite problem isn’t taken care of, the foundation isn’t taken care of, and the radon is still a problem, all because Barry can’t get on the stick and get this stuff done. So I’m going to lose my interest rate because the owner is a an air-head. And I’m a bit pissed about it.

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The inspection on my house seems to have hit some snags. There are active termites in the basement, and the inspector recommended the foundation needs to be reinforced; two things that won’t pass the FHA. So I have to ask the owner to fix these things, and hope that he agrees to do it. The inspection took four and a half hours, during which I was crawling around in the basement, and looking over the whole house with the dude. I found out a lot about the house, and learned a lot about how to assess a house, too. Exhausting, but interesting.

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window air conditioner stolen

So, yes, my window air conditioner really was stolen, although thankfully, nothing else was. I’ve had many interactions with the police over the last few days.

Also, I found out that the guy who owns my house moved out because he had two burglaries. Which doesn’t make me want to move out. It makes me want to sit a home with a shotgun saying “c’mon, mother fuckers. I dare you to steal my stuff.”

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moving to the pumpkin house

The big move took place last Sunday (3/18) and it all went really smoothly. My dad & step-mom, brothers Todd & Scott, sister-in-law Bethany, and sister Stacy all helped out. The one thing I forgot to do was grab my camera and take photos of the move. Everythings in place and most stuff is unpacked already, with the exception of three boxes still in the living room; mostly just office supplies. I’ve made a dozen trips to Target to get little things, and I’m mostly organized. Things that got broken: coffee pot (replaced), picture glass from a framed poster (no big deal) and the bathroom scale (yeah!).
It’s been an interesting week. I’m still not used to the new place, although everything’s more efficient, especially in the kitchen. I’m *still* thrilled to death to have a new refrigerator with a real freezer. It’s unbelievable the amount of stuff I now have frozen. My sister’s got my old computer all set up and has been getting online with it and playing Sim Tower. Cool. I’m glad I kept it.

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new house

Picked up the keys to my new house today. Went in, figured out how the security alarm works (No, I ain’t gonna tell *you*) and generally wandered around looking in the fridge, oven and closets. Then I decided to look in the cellar and see what was down there. So I hoisted up the door (is in the floor) and peered downstairs… I had failed to notice that the light switch was upstairs, so I was trying to find the light switch in the dark, and dropped the 50 lb+ door, which fell directly on the top of my head, knocking me into a sitting position on the stairs. I immediately said to myself “don’t pass out. don’t pass out.” and eventually I shook it off and climbed back upstairs, found the switch, and then went down and looked around. Pretty bad when you injure yourself on the first day in your new place.
It’s a dirt-floor basement, so there’s not much I can do down there, but I’ll at least I’ll be able to store Christmas and seasonal stuff.
I’m reading “Coercion: why we believe what ‘they’ say” and getting really pissed off at how marketing and advertising manipulates me.

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