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Mayor Greg Ballard’s Many Tax Increases

Now that campaign season is rolling around our Mayor Ballard — whose original campaign charge was all about repealing property taxes in Indiana — is hauling out one of his favorite talking points: claiming he held the line on new taxes. Ballard was whipped into office on the froth of the anti-tax rabble after Governor

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Mayor Peterson outlines how Daniels is going to screw Indy

Very interesting article in the Indianapolis Business Journal with outgoing Mayor Bart Peterson, and how Indianapolis is going to get screwed with Daniel’s proposed property tax reform. IBJ: The Legislature is preparing to substantially reform Indiana’s property tax system. Lots of Indianapolis residents are very concerned about their property taxes. They want to see them

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Bart Peterson’s Letter to Marion County Property Tax Payers

Making the rounds via email: July 20, 2007 Dear Neighbors: We have taken the first important steps toward long-term property tax reform. The Governor’s order of a Marion County reassessment is welcome news to our friends and neighbors who have been shocked by the unacceptable tax bills issued this month. Thanks to the reassessment, Marion

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