Message to McCain about Rape and Choice

I haven’t talked about it much in years, but when I was in college I was raped and became pregnant, and within a short period of time miscarried. The idea that I would be forced to carry a baby to term against my will by the McCain/Palin government makes me more than a little angry. And the truth is that although I choose not to deal with this issue as though it’s something that is behind me and I’ve moved on from — that’s a real mistake in my outlook. It’s not as though I or any woman I know is suddenly safe from being raped because I dealt with the past event emotionally and overcame. This is still an issue for me and should be for every woman.

Let me refresh your memory with a clip from last night on where John McCain stands on the issue of choice and women’s health:

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Ectopic Pregnancies and Pro Life Stances

The New York Times covers the state of affairs in El Salvador, where ectopic pregancies (where the egg becomes embedded in the fallopian tube, rather than the uterus) cannot be terminated “until fetal death or a rupture of the fallopian tube.”
When you read a bit more about them, it becomes apparent that ectopic pregnancies are not viable. The babie will die, and the danger to the mother’s life is very high, especially with a fallopian tube rupture. So the idea that you can’t terminate a such a dangerous situation is just crazed.

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