Weekend Update 2010-06-15

We managed to miss out on pride this weekend – I didn’t feel well due to something I ate on Friday (or Thursday) and I didn’t want to spend the entire festival in a port-a-let, or trying to find a port-a-let, or thinking about poo.

I felt enough better by noon to visit the INDIEhandicraft Exchange at the Harrison Center, although I still made about 5 trips to the restroom. But we got presents we needed to procure, and a few things for ourselves, and lots of ideas for creative projects.

We intended to go to Pride after, but we headed home and I continued to try to recover.

Sometime on Saturday our DVR died. I noticed it early Saturday morning, and did a reboot, but it didn’t fix itself. Boo. Now I need to grab some time to take it in and exchange it. Fortunately, we had watched most of what we had recorded and only had a few figure skating episodes and the last 3 Johnny Weir shows left.

On Sunday we had a bunch of work to get done around the house in the morning, and it was already blazing hot out. We managed to get lots of stuff checked off our to-do list, then went to see Sex and the City 2. It was silly and fun. Some of puns were too over the top, and some of their treatment of international relations was goofy – I doubt there are women wearing designer fashion under their traditional religious garb in Abu Dhabi – but it wasn’t as terrible as some reviewers frothed at the mouth about. And frankly, Samantha’s sexual proclivities (fictional though they are) are 100% fine, and the Islamic religious reaction to them (fictional though they are) was probably pretty accurately portrayed, and also dead wrong, from a moral standpoint. So there!

And we visited Alcatraz after and came home to do some serious reading.

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