Overheard in New York

I’ve mentioned the site “Overheard in New York” recently because I added it to my regular site reads not long ago… but it definitely deserves to get mentioned again. It is regular postings of conversations that people overhear, and it it so zen. When I’m stressed out, I go to my feed reader and page through the posts on this site, and it is so relaxing. You can’t imagine how funny and truly strange people can be until you read this site regularly.

Unfortunately, the site itself has a pretty crummy and unreadable design. But really, read this post, entitled “Wednesday One-liners Rx.” I almost spit out my beer. But I didn’t of course, because beer is a precious substance, you know.

And then there’s this:

Guy #1: My iPod called me a homo this morning.
Guy #2: What?
Guy #1: I had it on shuffle and it played a nonstop string of Rent, Oklahoma, Barbara Streisand, Donna Summer and, best of all, Annie: The Musical.
Guy #2: Wow, you said, “Best of all, Annie.” That’s amazingly gay.
–34th between 7th & 8th

Really, who has Annie on their iPod?

And then there’s the post about King Kong, the documentary.

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The NonSequitur

My new favorite political blog is The NonSequitur — a blog run by Logic professors that analyze failure of reasoning and logical fallacies of right-wing pundits. Found via one of my other favorite blogs, Americablog.com.

I also discovered that Overheard in New York, a site the recounts funny conversations that people overhear, is now a blog. It used to be a yahoo group that I linked to long ago, but I lost track of it. Now it has an RSS feed, so I can read it regularly.

Chick #1: My underwear’s so cute! Its got a bulldog on it.
Chick #2: Why’s it got a bulldog on it?
Chick #1: It’s so cute, it’s protecting my vagina from intruders.

I also added The Big Gay Picture to my RSS feeds. It’s a gay political blog that looks like it might be funny. I’ll give it a shot.

Another great Gay Blog/News site that I’d heard of once before but lost track of: Good As You. I added them to my newsreader also.
And last but not least: Buyblue.org now has a RSS feed: last time I checked, they didn’t. So they’re in my newsreader also. Too bad GLAAD hasn’t gone that direction yet.

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New York Overheard Yahoo Group

A yahoo group for New Yorkers to post conversations they’ve overheard on the street. My favorite message so far:

Pooh-bah: “No, I don’t believe we’ve met”
Japanese woman: (quietly) “Oh yes we have. On 9/11 when we were all trying to get away, you took my cab outside of Grand Central Station.”
Pooh-bah: Uncomfortable silence

UPDATE: I have to say, I like this conversation, too, though. “I’m like reading Ecclesiastices right now, man; it’s like not even a book it’s so interesting.”

Hmm. It’s so interesting that it’s not even like reading a book at all. Because reading just sucks so much, you know. And then they go on to pray to God to fill their heads with knowledge. Um, kids, THAT’S WHAT THE BOOKS ARE FOR. Knowledge isn’t going to magically appear in your heads, you actually have to go out and get it. Oh, nevermind.

span class=”hilightyellow”>2005 Update: This email groupbecame a blog.

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