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Overheard in New York

I’ve mentioned the site “Overheard in New York” recently because I added it to my regular site reads not long ago… but it definitely deserves to get mentioned again. It is regular postings of conversations that people overhear, and it it so zen. When I’m stressed out, I go to my feed reader and page

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The NonSequitur

My new favorite political blog is The NonSequitur — a blog run by Logic professors that analyze failure of reasoning and logical fallacies of right-wing pundits. Found via one of my other favorite blogs, I also discovered that Overheard in New York, a site the recounts funny conversations that people overhear, is now a

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New York Overheard Yahoo Group

A yahoo group for New Yorkers to post conversations they’ve overheard on the street. My favorite message so far: Pooh-bah: “No, I don’t believe we’ve met” Japanese woman: (quietly) “Oh yes we have. On 9/11 when we were all trying to get away, you took my cab outside of Grand Central Station.” Pooh-bah: Uncomfortable silence

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