Osama bin Laden really is alive after all

So, it seems Osama bin Laden really is alive after all: [He’s ba-a-ck!
America’s public enemy No. 1 has suddenly reappeared — and the White House doesn’t care – JOE CONASON

Considering that we’ve totally fucked up Afghanistan and this ass is still alive, why they hell are we talking about Iraq? Please, please tell me.

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Items on Osama’s Christmas List

11. My First Chemist’s Weapon of Mass Destruction.
10. My Pretty Pony Glue Factory
9. Fisher Price Particle Accelerator
8. Mountain Mike’s Cave Digger Kit
7. sandbox
6. Ali Aibo, electronic pet camel
5. Easy Bake Falafel Oven
4. Sesame Street’s Torture Me Bert
3. Wham-o Exploding Frisbee
2. Bedazzler Beard Decorator
1. Kabul Barbie Car Bomb

Nevermind that he probably doesn’t actually celebrate Christmas, you know?

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Bert is Evil!!!

THIS IS THE FUNNIEST THING I’VE EVER SEEN: Apparently, an islamic protestor downloaded photos of Osama Bin Laden to create a pro-bin Laden poster for a street protest. One of the photos they happened to grab off the Internet, was from the Bert is Evil website, which had a faked photo of Sesame Street’s Bert with Osama bin Laden. So Bert end up on anti-American Protest posters, which were then photographed heavily and distributed to the press.

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