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2015-06-02 Recently Read

NY Times: Storme DeLarverie, Early Leader in the Gay Rights Movement, Dies at 93 “Nobody knows who threw the first punch, but it’s rumored that she did, and she said she did,” said Ms. Cannistraci, an owner of the Village lesbian bar Henrietta Hudson. “She told me she did.” Ms. DeLarverie was a member of

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Gay New York Couple of 60+ Years Die Just Two Weeks Apart

According to Gay Blog Towleroad: Gay New York Couple of 60+ Years Who Married Last Year Die Just Two Weeks Apart Shaun O’Brien, a dancer of four decades with the New York City Ballet, died at the age of 86 on February 23. His husband (left) Cris Alexander, a Broadway actor and photographer, died on

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links for 2010-04-09

Introducing: The Snuggie for Geeks! | Bit Rebels Um… a… strange photos. yeah (tags: knitting funny technology) An Engagement Ring Is a Deposit on a Wife | Lindsay Beyerstein | Big Think Guys – if you cheat on your fiancee, she gets to keep the ring. Sorry, that's always been the rule, and it always

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