Crushable: Hannah Hart

Hannah Hart

I posted a few of the awesome “My Drunk Kitchen” videos a while back, and now the cute-as-a-button Hannah Hart is on Episode 8 of her cooking drinking show (plus a couple of bonuses like a song and an not-so-advice video) and she’s received some major attention. This week she’s the subject of a Time Magazine Q&A:

What My Drunk Kitchen food tasted the worst?
The ice cream was pretty terrible. Or the meatballs — they were just balls of uncooked meat.

Nobody really make meatballs when they’re drunk, though.
But they could. They’re so easy. As long as you actually remember to cook them.

Do you plan the menu ahead of time?
I know what I’m going to make, and then I do my best to make it with whatever’s in the kitchen. I try to do as little advance planning as possible. Supposedly that’s to make the videos funnier, but really I’m just lazy.

Episode 8: Ice Cream:
I couldn’t quite picture how making ice cream counted as cooking, but in Hannah’s world, it makes total sense. Which is to say, no sense at all, just like always. There’s a point at which I was laughing hysterically. At work, which is always normal. But then my cube neighbor co-worker is currently discussing druids and healers and spells with another co-worker for some video game they play together, so I’m not the weird one here at all.

And also Hannah has a bunch of swag you can get at her website – t-shirts, aprons, all very cute designs.

Hannah is just as cute as a basket of kittens, isn’t she? Sadly, she’s having some online flirtation with writer Heather Hogan (who has stepped up her obnoxiousness on to the point I have a hard time reading her posts anymore), which is kinda gross. But Hannah is pretty cute, and hasn’t said one obnoxious thing, so I’ll forgive her.

And this is totally not Hannah Hart, and isn’t associated in any way with My Drunk Kitchen, but it’s an awesome photo, isn’t it?

Oh my
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