2:00pm – The Growth and Evolution of Microformats Panel Notes (SXSWi 2007)

2:00 pm – The Growth and Evolution of Microformats
Moderator: Tantek Çelik Chief Technologist, Technorati
Frances Berriman Volume
Michael Kaply IBM
Glenn Jones Creative Dir, Madgex
Tantek Çelik Chief Technologist, Technorati

Growth and Future of Microformats Panel

Rough Panel Notes:
History of microformats through tshirts – 2003 sxsw
XFN – semantics to blogrolls to mark up
supported immediately by:
2005 microformats for people, events:
done on a wiki on technorati. So made made microformats.org in 2005
flickr – added microformats to profiles, and geotags
added to technorati
ode began to support for songs, playlists, etc.
2006 – event sites marked up in them
Stanford univesity – base of all their pages for contact information.
Mike – extention for firefox – operator. lets you work with microformats information.
backnetwork – formats work for relationships, reviews, rss feeds.
glennjones.net – tear apart his site to code mine with microformats
hcard, xfn, other profiles on other sites. xfn – rel=me
creating new microformats – there’s a process managed by the community environment on micrformats.org – and people are able to present their ideas. – based on the scientific method, doing research on the web into how people are out there marking things up with classes.
does it use existing semantic web efforts and ontologies – yes, they make people look at and do research on what’s existing.
Developing search engines on just formats –
kitchen.technorati.com – search for microformats, events, reviews, hcards
listings – edgeio will aggregate hcard listings – and you can ping them to get your information entered.
alexa crawls looking of hcards.
dogs that need to be adopted – dogster
Mobile – are mobile browsers finding microformatting.
jeremy keith – demo of microformats
Microformats & accessibility – a couple assesibility experts are pursuing how it can help and avoid becoming a challenge.
Restricted connet – not yet, but they asked her to get involved and develop these things.
Hcard and openID – openID 2.0 are working on all converging this –
searh for hcard creator – dreamweaver has it, so does movable type.

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