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Massachusetts Performs First Legal Gay Marriages

Ahhh, love. Isn’t it grand? Have I mentioned recently that I expect my whole family to vote Democrat this year?? Via Reuters: CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (Reuters) – Two women were among the first gay couples to be legally married on Monday and hundreds more waited for their turn to make history as Massachusetts became the only

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Massachusetts Court: Gays have access to equal marriage rights

Wow, I spoke too soon; Democrats won’t be able to dodge this as a campaign issue no matter what. The Massachusetts Supreme Court just decided that civil unions were not enough and only full marriage rights for gay people would be acceptable under Massachusetts law, meaning that gay people may be able to get married

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Massachusetts strikes down ban on equal marriage rights for gay people

The Massachusetts Supreme Court ruled that the ban on equal marriage rights for gay people was unconstituational, but didn’t go so far as to grant marriage licenses to the gay couples who filed the suit. Instead, it sent the issue back to the Massachusetts legislature, who will have 180 days to remedy the inequality of

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