Revolutionary Girl Utena

Revolutionary Girl Utena
Revolutionary Girl Utena
An awesome Japanese comic book turned TV series about a cross-dressing young girl, Utena Tenjou, who is rescued by a prince, and as a result, decides to become a prince herself. In a strange, fantastical high school academy, the individualistic girl Utena discovers a strange series of duels – competitions to claim her classmate Himemiya Anthy as the prized "Rose Bride".  When Utena agrees to a duel, intending to free Anthy from her obligations, she finds herself inexorably drawn into a complex web of power struggles, lust, and jealousy.

Read a good, more complete synopsis of the storyline.

Revolutionary Girl Utena Manga Comics

The comic books are really the easiest way to follow the plotline, which can be really dense and surreal in the TV series and almost impossible to follow in the movie. The comics are much clearer about the character’s intentions and about what’s actually going on with the arcane rituals they’re performing.

Revolutionary Girl Utena, Volume 1: To Till

Revolutionary Girl Utena, Volume 2: To Plant

Revolutionary Girl Utena, Volume 3: To Sprout

La Fillete Revolutionnaire Utena Illustration

Art of Utena (Japanese Language Text)

Revolutionary Girl Utena TV Series DVDs

Revolutionary Girl Utena – The Rose Collection – Volume 1

Revolutionary Girl Utena – The Rose Collection – Volume 2

Revolutionary Girl Utena – The Black Rose Blooms – Volume 3

Revolutionary Girl Utena – Impatience and Longing – Volume 4

Revolutionary Girl Utena – Darkness – Volume 5

Revolutionary Girl Utena The DVD Movie

Revolutionary Girl Utena – The Movie (2002)
The Movie version of RGU has been called an "alternate universe" version of the story… and with good reason. Condensed and somewhat different in details, it would be almost impossible to follow had I not read the comic books and seen the TV show.

Revolutionary Girl Utena Websites

The Utena Encyclopedia

Rose Petals – La Fillette Revolutionnaire

The Utena Network – wine soaked roses

Revolutionary Girl Utena – The Movie
A flash site for the movie.

Anime Goddess’s Utena Fan Fiction Page

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