The NonSequitur

My new favorite political blog is The NonSequitur — a blog run by Logic professors that analyze failure of reasoning and logical fallacies of right-wing pundits. Found via one of my other favorite blogs,

I also discovered that Overheard in New York, a site the recounts funny conversations that people overhear, is now a blog. It used to be a yahoo group that I linked to long ago, but I lost track of it. Now it has an RSS feed, so I can read it regularly.

Chick #1: My underwear’s so cute! Its got a bulldog on it.
Chick #2: Why’s it got a bulldog on it?
Chick #1: It’s so cute, it’s protecting my vagina from intruders.

I also added The Big Gay Picture to my RSS feeds. It’s a gay political blog that looks like it might be funny. I’ll give it a shot.

Another great Gay Blog/News site that I’d heard of once before but lost track of: Good As You. I added them to my newsreader also.
And last but not least: now has a RSS feed: last time I checked, they didn’t. So they’re in my newsreader also. Too bad GLAAD hasn’t gone that direction yet.

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