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Rishawn Biddle Gets Fired

I’ve been trying to avoid writing about local politics of late, just because the bile and animosity therein was way to much to deal with given my increased workload at my place of employment, and because others do a much better job of saying what I would anyway. On occasion here, I’ve ranted about Indy

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Indy Star vs. Houston Chronicle: Houston has better readers

I happened to be reading this article in the Houston Chronicle about a gay male flight attendant murdered by a homophobe, and discovered something interesting while scrolling through the reader comments on the article. Houston Chronicle readers seem to be more articulate and logical (and better writers) than the typical reader of the Indianapolis Star.

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Indianapolis Progressive Candidates You Might Consider

Below are candidates that have been supportive of GLBT issues and strong on progressive issues in the past. Please consider voting for them tomorrow when you go to the polls for the primaries. Marion County Superior Court Judge Karen Celestino Horseman “Every so often an elected official will go to extraordinary lengths to improve the

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