The royal gay sex scandal

You can read the actual alleged details here in the Toronto Star and also more here in news. I remember reading some allegations like this years ago, but they didn’t specify Charles as being the royal involved, they just said “an immediate member of the royal family” and I just guessed that was probably Edward, since there were rumors of him being gay circulating for a long time.

Basically, the rumors say that former valet George Smith walked in on a sexual escapade occuring between Charles and another servant, who is, possibly, a guy named Michael Fawcett, according to the Guardian. And that Smith also claimed to have been raped by that same servant at another time. He made the claim to Diana, who taped the claim and asked that Charles fire the servant, which never happened. Diana kept the tape, but it disappeared at some point, and Diana’s butler, Paul Burrell, thinks the tape was stolen by Diana’s sister. Diana apparently believed someone was trying to kill her, and said so in a letter to Paul Burrell at the same time she entrusted him with some items for “safekeeping” before she died.

Last year, someone decided to charge Paul Burrell with theft of the items, and suddenly, when it looked like the whole mess was going to court where it would all come out in the open, the queen remember that Diana had mentioned giving the items to Paul Burrell, thus clearing him of the theft charge.

Then Burrell decided to publish his book, where he mentions the letters from Diana about fearing for her life, and suddenly, all these allegations are popping up again. So Michael Fawcett sought an injunction to keep the details out of the news, and Charles issued a denial that he never did what no one would allow anyone to print that he did.

What seems weird to me… is that I’ve never pegged Charles as being gay. When I heard the rumors of both the alleged rape and the sex incident with a “member of the royal family” I figured Smith was a disgruntled former employee making it all up to get back at the royal family.

The details of the stolen tape, the letters from Diana fearing for her life, and this weird “gag order” denial of something that, frankly, isn’t all that damned scandalous, is odd.

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