Alanis: Irony Defined.

Irony defined — by the British, of course, because they did invent the language after all. I’m posting this here because I’m resisting the temptation to send it directly to people.
Favorite part so far: “every one of us, I’d guess, has a friend who engages in an argument, waits patiently until you’ve said something really trenchant and probably wrong, then cocks his (or her) head to one side and says, “Do you think that’s true?” thereafter pursuing each one of your most ridiculous points and challenging them from a perspective of utter (pretended) ignorance. Weirdly, this is never called irony, even though every other bloody thing that anyone ever says is.”

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President Bush speaking about Cuba

President Bush speaking about Cuba:

“All elections in Castro’s Cuba have been a fraud. The voices of the Cuban people have been suppressed, and their votes have been meaningless. That’s the truth.”

And how, exactly is that different than here in the United States, where the man in the White House is not the one who was elected by the American people? Note to “President” Bush: The entire world is laughing heartily at your speech.

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