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Tear down wall of denial so we can fix broken IPS

former IPS School Board President Kelly Bentley has some thoughts about how to fix IPS in this Indy Star editorial: Tear down wall of denial so we can fix broken IPS | Indianapolis Star | Even recent good news about IPS is tempered by the reality that the numbers often aren’t as positive as

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links for 2010-03-04

BBC News – The art of list-making "A collection of attributes the Finnish architect Eero Saarinen found most attractive in his wife. First on his list is the fact she was very clever." – excellent. I knew I liked that guy. (tags: psychology lists ideas art writing) IPS cutting art, music teachers to trim deficit

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IPS: Sign The Yellow Petition

Currently in Indianapolis, there is a plan to renovate the crumbling Indianapolis Public Schools system by renovating 12 schools. The plan will cost $200 million and will be paid for through the sale of property taxpayer-supported bonds. The plan is “controversial” because the greedy Republicans in the suburbs don’t want to pay for inner city

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