Fringe: Better than the X-Files

A smart, funny, brainy show with the strongest female lead I’ve ever seen and interesting story lines. A version of the X-Files done right, and infinitely smarter; It doesn’t go off the rails or take itself so seriously that it’s over blown the way Mulder and Scully did. I don’t know what I can say to get you hooked on my current obsession – Fringe – but I’ll say it, because it’s good.

Can’t remember what caused me to start watching Fringe, but one or two episodes of season 2 got me roped in, and I started getting the first season from Netflix to get caught up. I’ve been saving the current season to watch after I met up with myself in the middle, which turns out to be a mistake, because I should have been watching the show right away so my viewings counted toward the ratings – cable numbers are counted live or if viewed from DVR within 24 hours. Our drastically pared down Fall TV schedule has allowed me to get nearly caught up (I know, I know! But we’re still watching less TV).

If you’re a current viewer or fan, you should know that it’s moving to Friday nights on January 28th. Be sure to follow it, because unless it’s successful there, it’s projected to be canceled. I always manage to find the really good stuff too late and lose it too early.

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