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Evite vs. Upcoming.Org

Last year in February, I was bothered by how unfortunate Friendster had become, and I mentioned somewhere in there that they (and other social networking sites) needed to suck in functionality like evite, where you can send out party invitations to friends and get RSVPs online, be able to see who is and isn’t coming

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I haven’t been in Friendster for a while, so I logged in a futzed around to see what they’ve upgraded lately. You know what’s stupid? Blogs on Friendster. That was really dumb addition, because the people who wanted a blog already had them set up outside of Friendster, where everyone can see them. No one

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Friendster Update

I now have 16,9903 people in my personal network. I’m sure this has something to do with the fact that Willy Wonka added me to his friends. Everyone is friends with Willy, because as Sammy says, he makes a groovy lemon pie. 2019 update: Ah, those halcyon days when social media was a toy we

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