Either/Or #5

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From belicove.com:

  1. Favorite Color or Favorite Number?
  2. Shower in the Morning or Shower in the Evening?
  3. The Grand Canyon or The Great Pyramids of Egypt?
  4. White Pages or Yellow Pages?
    White. People are more interesting than businesses.
  5. Doll House of Tree House?
    Tree house.
  6. When you were 13 years old or when you were 23 years old?
    23. I was hot back then.
  7. French Toast or Bacon & Eggs?
    Bacon & Eggs
  8. Don Knotts or Don Cheadle?
    Cheadle. Not of a fan of slapstick.
  9. Your Mother’s Cooking or Your Own?
  10. Long Sleeves or Short Sleeves?
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