Dragon Dictation for the iPhone

I’ve been playing with the Dragon Dictation for the iPhone to transcribe some blog ideas that occur to me when I drive to work in the morning. I have about a 20 minute drive and I usually have several ideas that I’d like to write about in that time, but in the hectic moments after I arrive for work I tend to forget them. Sometimes I remember them later, but often they go “poof!” off into the ether never to return. Hopefully this will let me remember a few more of those thoughts. Basically you talk into the app, it transcribes it into text, and you can do various things with the text including emailing to yourself. Here is the Dragon Dictation version of this post, which is amusing in and of itself.

I’m trying out dragon dictation again this is that program I love it on my iPhone. It said it would does translation type stuff and playing around with it now on my phone to see if I can write some blog posts on the way to work and a lot of ideas on the way work better at gym over and over to myself in hopes that I will actually remember them when I finally get to work and then I get to work and hectic everything goes crazy and I forget what I wanted to write about Sonja to try to do some of the dictation on the phone while I am on the way to work and then on my book was written and I’ll be able to e-mail the dictation to myself or my phone which is pretty cool because it makes little text file and then you can e-mail it to yourself. I’ll be back and I’ll see if I can then have something readable than that way I won’t forget all of my

Yeah, part of that incoherence is my own tendency to ramble and jump back and forth between ideas, part of it is the strangeness of articulating thoughts out loud that I normally write down instead, and part of it is DD just not recognizing what I was saying. And I have no idea who Sonja is.

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