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We finally we able to upgrade the firmware on our Terabyte server last weekend, and it’s finally behaving in a stable fashion with iTunes (fingers crossed). It was apparently having trouble with long file names (!) and iTunes loves to create long file names, so it kept hiccuping. Since I’ve been home this week, I’ve been able to sort out and reload lots of our music that was acting funny, and I’ve been able re-rip lots of our CDs that have been buried in boxes since we moved in. One of my old favorites I haven’t listened to in many years – the Doo Wop Box.

I’ve been running around the house singing along – Stephanie’s already rolling her eyes. It’s probably safe to say you might here a few songs from this boxed set at our wedding reception, like maybe this…

Buzz Buzz Buzz
The Hollywood Flames
(The Doo Wop Box: 101 Vocal Group Gems from the Golden Age of Rock ‘N’ Roll)
(wha-ooh, wha-ooh, wha-ooh, wha-ooh)
Well buzz buzz buzz goes the bumble bee
A twiddledeedledee goes a bird
But the sound of your little voice, darling,
Its the sweetest sound Ive ever heard.
Well, Ive seen the beauty of the red, red rose,
Seen the beauty when the skies are blue,
Seen the beauty of the evening sunset- but the beauty of you!
Sweet is the honey from the honeycomb,
Sweet are the grapes from the vine,
But theres nothing as sweet as you, darling,
And I hope some day you’ll be mine!

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