Vacation Update

Over the weekend, Stephanie and I bagged up six large bags of clothes to take to North Meadow Circle of Friends, who are putting them on a truck to New Orleans. I took pictures of all the t-shirts I donated so I could finish up my t-shirt project before I shipped them off. I put 45 of the 100 shirts I own in. When we dropped them off, they mentioned that they especially needed children’s clothes.

Of course we don’t have kids, so we thought we couldn’t help out there, but when we went up to visit my mom’s house, she pulled six bags worth of children’s clothes out of the attic. I brought them home and ran everything through the washer and dryer on Monday, and took pictures, because some of these were MY clothes from when I was a little kid. I’ll post photos of some of the best ones later, because they are hilarious, and what’s really funny is that they’re cool again. I bagged them up and dropped off six more bags of clothes at the church.
Then I rounded up a pick-up truck’s worth of stuff left over from the garage sale, and took it to Goodwill, then came home and did a ton of cleaning. I also got medicine for the cats, picked up my books from the library, and visited Menards to price storm windows (check Web Site for replacements) and doors, and insulation.

Today I took my truck in and had the brakes worked on, which took the whole morning. Then I ran up to my mom’s to run an errand, and ran downtown to complete the errand, and now I’m finally home and able to catch up on more stuff.

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