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Dying All Over Again

In the first dream I had one night, I was in my house, talking to my landlady down stairs when I realized the house was on fire. I ran upstairs to get my cat, and when I finally found her, I realized that I couldn’t get back downstairs again. Just as I was catching on

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The Angel of Death Dream

A dream I had where I was so scared that I was afraid to get out of bed to go to go to the bathroom, at 29 years old. It started at an archeological dig, where we uncovered a huge skeleton of bird/reptile-like creature, about twice as large as a human. It looked like a

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Quicksand Dream

The first of two recent dreams about death… In the dream, I went downstairs to the basement, which looking back now, I think was the basement on South East Fourth Street from my childhood. Growing in the center of the floor was a plant; a weed, I thought, like a tiny tree. I went over

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