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The Moustache Tattoo

This is just hilarious — people in Federal Hill, Rhode Island have started trend — a tattoo of a moustache, that you get on your finger, so that when you hold your finger up to your upper lip, you appear to have a moustache. Check out the video where they interview the tattoo artist who

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Grass Armchair

A DIY Kit for growing a grass armchair in your yard. I really would love to try that. It’s a British website though, so I suspect the shipping would be cost prohibitive. So my sister should get it, and make the chair, and then invite me over to sit in it.

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Sock Monkeys

This is one of the reasons why the internets can be BAD — I find sites like SockMonkeyDrawer, wherein I feel I need to buy all the aminals and take them home with me. They make custom, one-of-a-kind cool sock monkeys. You should buy me one.

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