Triangulation (or: Appropriate Levels of Rudeness)

Standard disclaimer: If you’re worried this post is about you, then it’s not about you at all. The people it’s about will never believe it’s about them.
One of the things I can’t stand (yes again with those) is people who don’t listen to you until you’re rude to them. You can say the same thing to the person 10 times without them hearing you at all, and when you finally get irritated and say something like “Dude, fuck the fuck off already!” they hear you, but they get huffy about it, and say things like “well, you don’t have to be rude!” Clearly, I do have to be rude, because you ignored me when I wasn’t.
So I find myself, whenever I run across someone who I suspect isn’t going to listen to me, jumping into rude mode right away, just to cut down on the time I have to spend conversing. Sometimes that may be justified, but not always, so it’s a habit I need to unlearn. Finding the appropriate level of rudeness and appropriate point of application is tricky.

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