Stop Cyberbullying Day

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In all of this, one of the things that is bothering me is people’s defense of the “mean kids” who put up the two sites that were promoting maliciousness towards various tech people, including Kathy Sierra. Like one of the comments in my previous post, who actually went so far as to make the brazen claim that Sierra’s calling them out was on the level of what happened to her.
As far as the “mean kids” are concerned — boo hoo. They were running sites with a basic premise of mean-spiritedness. Nowhere on either site did they issue a policy about what level of mean-spiritedness was acceptable, and what things went beyond the pale. It’s a bit disingenuous to suddenly say “well gee, we never expected that to happen” when someone takes it way too far. And from the details I’ve been able to see, when death threats were actually posted on their sites, they came from the main participants of the site, not anonymous comments. That makes the claim “it wasn’t us” a pretty tough sell, although I guess one of the participants is trying to make the case that he was hacked.

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