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Captain Marvel T-Shirt

I added my first Marvel Comics title to my comic book pull list today – Captain Marvel. The “new” Captain Marvel is the former “Ms. Marvel” — Carol Danvers the female adjunct to Captain Marvel from the old comics, before he died. She’s had a comic for years, but Marvel has reworked her costume and

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A Post about Shoes

I’m probably the furthest thing from a fashion maven. But I do have a thing about shoes. Not a Carrie Bradshaw type thing; I wouldn’t spend $400 on a pair of Manolos. You won’t catch me dead in high heels. Literally; that’s in my will. But I do love the fluevogs, and I have several

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My Shirt Designs

The Official Shirts and Gear Store. Now you to can campaign for truth, justice, the American Way, and no illegal left turns on Meridian Street during rush hour.

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