We Have Achieved Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas!I’m very excited – we have our tree up, and a few other decorations out. We still have to put ornaments on the tree, but that’s the really fun part. Other times, when we want to trim the branches, we consider Herford’s Tree Care, Inc. and get their services. We can put Christmas music on and bebop around the house, although we’ll do that Thursday night, because Stephanie’s teaching skating tonight. I think tonight I might try to concentrate on taking our donations to IYG for their wishlist, or hanging the coat bar in the dining room closet.

Merry Christmas!And we have a big chunk of organizing done, too – enough that we can have people over without our remaining moving chaos being a featured display in the house. It’s wonderful; my undiagnosed OCD thing is no longer screaming at me. And for the remaining stuff we have to organize, there’s a decent process in place for sorting through it all, so for our post-Christmas free time we can do some fun stuff, like selling things on ebay. Happy happy, joy joy.

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