Christmas lawn decor

There are a couple of photos I’d like to take this year that I’ve missed in past holiday seasons. The first is of a nativity scene at a church somewhere on the north side of Indianapolis. I’ve driven past several years in a row, and noted that the way the scene is set, the three wise men are leading their camels towards the stable… from the west. That really shouldn’t bother me – it’s all fiction anyway – but it does. I guess if you’re going to take your happy god book literally, you should pay attention to detail.

The second photo I want to capture is another nativity scene. This one is located somewhere on the path between my dad’s old house and his country club where we used to go to Sunday Christmas brunch. One of the houses has a cute little stable scene in their front yard. But they seem to be lacking a manger, because baby Jesus is nestled in all snuggly… in the bird bath. You know – no bed, substitute manger. No manger? Substitute bird bath. It works.

Here’s a picture I took of a rather gaudily decorated lawn on Rangeline Road, south of 96th Street. I had to splice together three pictures to get it all in.

Like Santa Barfed on Their Lawn
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