Weekend Update, end of August 2012

This past week I attended An Event Apart, a major web design conference in Chicago, which was pretty awesome. I learned a lot of cool stuff especially about mobile-friendly design that I now need time to go over before I forget or lose track of it. It was held at the Westin just north of the Chicago River, which is a cool spot for walking around and site-seeing. Stephanie went along with and spent the time I was in sessions walking around and visiting museums and site-seeing. It was really cool to have her along because it made the social stuff like going out to dinner and seeing stuff a lot more pleasant. Plus she was willing to drive in Chicago traffic, which is both brave and very nice of her, because Chicago traffic is incredibly difficult.

Here are a few photos I took with my iPhone – more to come when I edit.

In other news only tangentially related, I realized when I was updating my photo on one of our internal company websites how different I look now than I did a few years ago. I don’t quite remember when the older photo on the right was taken; I suspect it was 2008 or so.

Me on 8-30-2012 Large Compare

Bit of a change, isn’t it? I know physically my clothes are looser and I can tell I have a lot more muscle than I did before, but I don’t always realize since I see myself every day how different I look.

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