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  • This is a HILARIOUS critique of the new DC Comics reboot uniforms. I hope someone at DC reads this, because it's funny as hell.
  • Catwoman is one of the DC Comics heroes bereft of a identifiable backstory – many of her comics have never been collected in graphic novels, and those that have are out of print, so to reconstruct a timeline of her story is difficult. This fan took the time to construct one. I hope Anne Hathaway has read it.
  • Anne is reading obscure Catwoman comics for her role as in the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises movie. You go on with your comic-reading self, Anne, and Imma let you finish, but Wonder Woman is the best female super hero of all time. Seconded only by Batgirl, Batwoman, Supergirl, and all of the Birds of Prey. So Catwoman is pretty far down the list actually, and is only popular with comic book boys for the skin-tight suit and because she's basically the only one that's probably hetero. But you're a cute femme, there Catwoman Anne, so you can hang out, although all my other girls can kick your "super hero" ass. Love your suit. Hope you win.
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links for 2011-01-20

  • Gwyneth really kinda needs me as a life editor. Because darned if she isn't a really likable girl, but someone needs to have the job of throwing in a "hold up, girl, that's really just not a good idea, and here's why:" in her path every now and again to yank her back from the edge.
  • You have me at "Anne Hathaway" truly, but as Cat Woman? I'll be there with popcorn and all, but Anne is actually Batgirl. Mila Kunis is Catwoman. And they should be in the movie together. And who the hell needs Batman in this movie I'm writing in my head? He can sit one out. Seriously, Nolan, call me up. I have it all laid out in my head.
  • Any hospital participating in Medicare and Medicaid must allow visitors of the patients' choosing, whether or not they are married or related. Awesome!
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