A Commonplacebook Candidate Endorsements

These are Marion County, Indiana Democratic candidates who have shown strong stances and leadership on progressive issues including improving education, finding health care solutions for all Hoosiers, property tax reform and equality for GLBT citizens.

I’ve personally shaken hands with all of these candidates at one time or another and discussed issues with them. I met with Russel Brown, Dr. David Orentlicher and John Barnes last week and think highly of their plans for office. I’ve recently had an email exchange with Susan Fuldauer and was equally impressed. I’ll sit down and write about the discussions I’ve had with all of them more fully this weekend.

Candidates with strong, sound stances deserve our support, and your dollars can make the difference. Please make a contribution to this critical cause, either to all of the candidates or on an individual basis.

Julia Carson (IN-07) $
Russell Brown (IN-SD-31) $
David Orentlicher (IN-HD-86) $
Susan Fuldauer (IN-HD-88) $
John Barnes (IN-HD-89) $
John Day (IN-HD-100) $
Edmund Mahern (IN-HD-97) $

If you’d like to promote any of these candidates on your own site, you can link to this page to encourage contributions:

And you can add some nice graphics from this page. Like this one:
Act Blue: Support
Progressive Candidates

UPDATE: The Indiana Stonewall Democrats are endorsing J. D. Lux for House District 57, which is in Shelbyville, Indiana. He doesn’t seem to be plugged into the actblue.com website yet, so visit his page for more information on him and to figure out how to make contributions to his campaign.

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How to Evaluate Candidate’s Stands on the issues

On Bilerico, Sheila Kennedy provides a great checklist of things to think about when candidates start talking about their pet issue this campaign season. Read the whole post (it’s great!) but here are the highlights:

when Congressional candidate A unveils his “Major Initiative to Solve the Boll Weevil Problem,” I suggest the following four questions to help you evaluate the candidates and their proposals:
Question One: Is there general agreement that Boll Weevils are a problem?
Question Two: Is there agreement on how to solve that problem?
Question Three: Is this a problem only government can solve?
Question Four: Does the proposed solution pass the ‘smell test’? (Does our earnest candidate demonstrate knowledge of available evidence on this issue? )

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