Permutations of Borg…

Author Unknown

Uuuh, this is like, Butt-Head of Borg. Uh huh huh huh, uh huh huh huh. You will be ass-eliminated, or something. Uh, huh huh huh.

Yeah. Heh heh heh m heh heh m heh heh heh. That’s pretty cool. Ass-eliminated. Heh heh heh heh.

This is Buzzcut of Borg. You WILL be assimilated. DO YOU FIND THAT AMUSING, BUTT-HEAD?!

I am Cornholio of Borg! (heh heh heh). Your bungholes will be assimilated. I need TP for my bunghole.

#1 Hit on the Borg Top 40: We all sleep in a single subroutine.

#2 Hit on the Borg Top 40: Borg in the USA.

Abraham of Borg: Four score and Seven Assimilations ago…

Ah’m Bubba o’ Boahg. Y’all fixin’ t’ be assim’lated.

Al of Borg: Aww, Peg, I assimilated you last year.

All a Borg.

Assimilate me tender — Elvis of Borg

Blonde Borgs have the same fun.

Borg Express, don’t be assimilated without it.

Borg Mail Reader v2.1a. Tagline theft is futile.

Borg Mail Reader v2.1a. Taglines are irrelevant.

Borg McCoy: Are you out of your assimilated Mind?!

Borg Moderator: Your topic is irrelevant.

Borg Starter Kit. Some assimilation required.

Borg saying: We came. We absorbed. We left.

Borg spreadsheet program: Locutus 1-2-3

Borg virus detected. (A)ssimilate? (Y/y)

Borg, James Borg. Vodka Martini, Gin is irrelevant.

Borg-Cola: Not the choice of The Next Generation.

Borg-again Christian: Resistance to my sermon is futile

BorgBurgers: We do it our way. Your way is irrelevant.

BorgDOS: Irrelevant command or filename

Borgasm: The ecstacy of being assimilated.

Bugs Bunny of Borg: What’s up Collective?

C3PO: Artoo, the Chances of avoiding Assimilation are 3,945,876 to 1.

Caffeine of Borg: Sleep is irrelevant.

Can’t Get No Assimilation – Rolling Stones of BORG

Clinton of Borg: The economy is irrelevant.

Clinton of Borg: Hillary says resistance is futile.

CopyCat of Borg: Your tagline will be assimilated.

Dangerfield of Borg: Respect is irrelevant.

Descartes of Borg: I assimilate therefore I am

Ernest BORGnine… you be the judge.

Garfield of Borg: Hairballs are irrelevant.

Geraldo of Borg: Next brothers who assimilate sisters.

Ginsu of Borg: You will be assimilated – but WAIT! There’s MORE!

Go ahead creep, assimilate my day! — Clint Eastborg

GOTO, GOING TO, GONE TO — Borg subroutines

Groucho Borg: That’s the silliest thing I ever assimilated.

HamBorg: To assimilate or not to assimilate… that is the question

Hans Solo: I have a very Borg feeling about this.

Have engaged the Borg, ring was assimilated.

HersheyBORG: Wrappers are futile. Chocolate will be assimilated.

Hillary of Borg: Choice is irrelevant.

Homer of Borg: Prepare to be… ooooohh, doughnuts!

Humphrey Borg-gart: Here’s assimilating you…. kid.

I am Agassi of Borg. Before I assimilate you, is my hair okay?

I am Bart of Borg. Who the hell are you?

I am Bart of Borg. Resistance is futile, You will eat my shorts.

I am Clinton of Borg. Your pain is irrelevant.

I am Daddy Of Borg. Bedtime! Resistance is futile.

I am Drunk of Borg. Resistance is floor tile.

I am Dyslexsic of Borg. Prepare to have your ass laminated.

I am Gates of Borg. OEMs will be assimilated.

I am Fudd of Borg. Pwepawe to be assimiwated.

I am Fudd of Borg. Wesistance is usewess.

I am Flatulus of Borg. Prepare to pull my finger.

I am Joker of Borg. Prepare to have your ass humiliated.

I am Jordan of Borg. Gravity is irrelevant.

I am Koresh of Borg. You will be incinerated.

I am Madonna of Borg. Gender is irrelevant.

I am Madonna of Borg. Justify my assimilation.

I am not a Borg, but I play one on TV.

I am OS/2 of Borg. DOS will be assimilated.

I am Shakespeare of Borg. Prepare to be, or not to be, assimilated.

I am Tweety of Borg. I _tawt_ I attimiwated a puddy tat.

If a Borg assimilated in the forest, would anyone know?

Inhaling is irrelevant — Quayle of Borg

King Henry the Borg: Assimilate his ‘ead!

McBorgers: Over 50 million assimilated.

My other computer is a Borg.

P-Porky P-Pig of Borg: You will be assim-assim…absorbed

Popeye of Borg: Prepare to be askimilgrated.

Pythagoras of Borg: Distance is irrelevant.

Tennis is irrelevant — Bjorn Borg

That’s spelled B O R G E — Dan Quayleborg

The battle aint over ’till the fat Borg lady assimilates.

The Borg are coming! Quick, try and look useless.

The Borg assimilated my race and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt.

The Borg: Cool, Calm and Collective.

The Swedish Chef has been assimilated. Borg! Borg! Borg!

U2 will become one with the Borg. We like Bono.

Uhura of Borg: Assimilation frequencies open, sir.

We are Borg. is futile is inevitable.

We are Daleks of Borg. ASSIMILATE! ASSI-MIL-ATE!!!!!!!

We have engaged the Borg. The wedding will be Friday.

Welcome to Borg Burger. No pickles. Pickles are irrelevant.

What we have here is a failure to assimilate. — Cool Borg Luke

Yoda of Borg: Irrelevant the Force is

Yoooouuuuu’rreee Irrelevant! — Daffy Duck of Borg

Zsa Zsa of Borg. Prepare to be assimilated dahling.

I am Pentium of borg. Division is irrelevant. Mathematics is irrelevant. You will be… approximated.

I’ll assimilate you my pretty, and your little dog too. — Wicked Witch of Borg

I’m irrelevant? You’re irrelevant. This collective is irrelevant. This whole stinking system is irrelevant! — Al Pacino of Borg

Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can assimilate for your country. — John Fitzgerald Borg

Well you have to ask yourself. Do you feel lucky punk. Was that five assimilations or six? I forget Myself. — Clint Eastborg

We are Barney of Borg. I love you. You love me. Resistance is futile.

How many Borg does it take to change a light bulb? All of them.

How do you kill a Borg? Stick it in a roomful of blondes (nothing to assimilate).

Borg Answering Machine Message: WE ARE BORG. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE. YOU WILL BE ASSIMILATED. But we’re not home right now. So leave a message at the tone, and we’ll assimilate you later.

Orson Welles of borg: no assimilation before its time.

Healthy Trekkies work out at the He’s Dead Gym

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