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New Baby Dillon

My brother Scott and his wife Bethany have a new baby boy named Dillon. He’s my first nephew, and was he was born on February 13th at 5:24 p.m.

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Woo hoo! My sister’s having a baby.

From my sister’s email: From: Stacy Mineart Date: June 19, 2007 6:49:29 AM EDT Subject: In other news… Just thought I’d drop you all a quick note to let you know you can expect some exciting news sometime early next January. Or as my charming spouse so delicately put it: “Hey Dad? I knocked up

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Missing Idgie, and visiting Spike

Whenever I’m home, I hear a noise, and think it’s Idgie. I start to look around, and then I remember. When I walk in the door after work, I open the door and say, “I’m home!” to the cat. I didn’t realize I did that every day until last night when I did it, and

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