September 20th, 2002

Everybody seems to be remarking on the 1-year anniversary of the tornado that struck Indianapolis. I tend to remember the date because it was day I learned that my cat Idgie was dying. I had to have her put to sleep the next day.


I sat down today with Dru and Huck and Annabelle and petted all of them and talked to them about Idgie.

Dru, hiding under the bed.
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So, Kathy has four kittens that were abandoned by someone near her house. There’s no mommy, but they are old enough to be on their own — about six weeks old. There’s a calico girl, a tortoise-shell colored girl, an orange boy, and an orange and white boy. They are as cute as a button. I went to her house last night to see them. I forgot to take my camera, or you’d be able to see them too. I’m going to adopt the two girls, unless someone else really wants to adopt one of the girls, in which case I’ll probably get a girl and a boy.
UPDATE: I adopted a boy and girl, and mom took the calico kitty.
Baby Huck
Baby Annabelle

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