I don’t get it at all

A Democratic congressperson was SHOT in the head. Six people were killed. And the media is STILL allowing things to be said like “We don’t know the motivation of the shooter?” We don’t? Because *I* do. I follow politics, and I’m not an idiot – I can see exactly what happened here.

And Republicans in Arizona are criticizing the Pima county sheriff for going on television and TELLING THE TRUTH about what is going on in Arizona.

They have to be KIDDING. This is their doing. They have blood on their hands, and they are criticizing the sheriff? The nerve. The gall. The brazenness of it. I can’t believe it.

I actually heard a pundit on a news program claim that “the same vitriol came from left during the last administration.”

REALLY? People were threatening to SHOOT Republicans? To “Exercise their second amendment remedies?” WHEN? Where? I defy you to tell me when this happened. Because it never did. This shit is ONLY COMING FROM THE RIGHT. And now that it’s come to fruition, all the threats – they need to own it. To acknowledge it an apologize.

And the calls for civility? No way. I’m not being civil. They started the violence. I don’t have to be nice about it. I have to be angry about it.

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