Sierra Tango Echo Papa Hotel

(Or, more accurately today – Hotel Alpha Whiskey Tango Hotel Oscar Rome November)

Military Alphabet
Find out your own Alpha Bravo Charlies (The Military Alphabet (Phonetic from Alpha Bravo Charlie Delta to Zulu)) here.

Most of us know, or at least have heard of the military alphabet in some way. We hear it being used in war and actions movies, video games, and even in comic books and novels. But most people have no idea why it is used, how or why it was formed, or why it has become one of the most effective forms of tactical radio communication – not only in the U.S. – but also across the globe.

In this post, we will discuss more regarding the military phonetic alphabet and its history, and we’ll delve into its components, purpose, and why the specific characters were chosen.

CB Radio Codes
And for good measure, CB Radio Code – List of CB slang & Complete List of CB 10 codes for Citizens Band aficionadoes.

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