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365 project – Day 12: Stephanie’s Scarf

I’m absolutely in love with this one – a scarf I’m making for Stephanie in two different varigated yarns, alternating rows, in a rib pattern that I got from Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s site. I finally got settled down with all the indecision about what new project I was going to try, and all the thought I

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365 project – Day 11: giant flag

In the lobby of my doctor’s office at the One America tower downtown. “Don’t look now, but there’s a giant flag behind you.” (I think I’d find that intimidating if I worked in the building every day.)

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365 project – Day 1

Anti-choice protesters (forced birth advocates) outside my neighbor’s house on New Year’s Day. My neighbor works for Planned Parenthood. Yeah, in our residential neighborhood. In front of my house. MF assholes. They spent an hour shouting obnoxious statements and disturbing the peace.

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