Shamless Self-Promotion

Download the Alexa toolbar: (PC users only; there’s no Mac toolbar at this time. Dammit!) Then spend some time clicking around my site looking at all the stuff on it. This will boost my traffic ratings.
Update: Lori e-mailed me to tell me that Alexa is considered to be spyware. Technically, it’s not. Spyware are hidden programs that are installed without your knowledge to record information for ad purposes. Alexa isn’t hidden, and you have to download it if you want it. Alexa does record and keep statistics of every site you surf on, but it doesn’t keep individual identities in their database or track anything to you specifically. Rather, it uses the data to rank the most popular and most visited sites on the internet, which is why I want people to do this and surf my site. But read the documentation on their site for more information if you are concerned.

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