Leviticus in My Spam Filter

I was going through a site migration checklist of things to remember when you move your site from one host to another, and one of the items was to remember to look at your comment spam filter keywords, to make sure that additions you’ve made stayed in the list. Which made me remember a conversation I had yesterday with a friend. I mentioned that I regularly get anti-gay hate comments posted to my site; usually it’s three or four a week, but depending on whether something I’ve written winds up in the target of a group of people, it can be a lot.
To combat this, I have several terms in my comment spam filter that most people wouldn’t; words like “leviticus” “sinner” “dyke” and “faggot” are a few of them. Usually that means I catch the comment before it gets posted to my site, but not always. Occasionally stuff will slip through.
But I wonder if other people have this sort of specialized problem, and what words they block…

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