Google Map showing where my site visitors are from

Check this out, a Google Map showing where people are viewing my site from. I have visitors from Oxford, England; Napoli, Italy; and Athens, Greece. That’s scary.

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  1. Kay

    Spookie stuff, you say?? I logged in several times today (always getting sidetracked from those state fair pics I meant to view) however, my location doesn’t show on the map! Humm…wonder if that makes me some sort of stealth visitor…and how many more are out there just like me…YIKES
    Gotta go…

  2. Nicole

    Seems that I’m a stealth visitor as well. I check out this site nearly every day from my corner of the world – Australia.

  3. Bender

    My loc isn’t showing up either…hmmm. But its not like its Athens Greece or Australia!!!

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