Change of Scenery

It’s been pointed out to me, and probably rightly so, that I write a lot about our Stupid President. Well yes. And I write a lot of mean things. Well yes. And the person pointing this out mentioned it not because she likes the Stupid President (she doesn’t) but because she was concerned about how upset I am all the time about the Stupid President. And I guess that’s true, so now I will only write about how Stupid the President is on Mondays. The rest of the time, I will write about my life, and other funny and interesting stuff. Because despite how Stupid the President is, life is still something to be enjoyed at least 6/7ths of the time. The other 1/7th of the time, you should all be mad at the Stupid President.
And so, here’s something funny: How to kill your computer and other electronics.

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