Blast from the Past

Normally when I upload a bunch of older photos to my flickr account, I turn off the splice between my flickr account and my RSS feeds, so those who read my blog via a feed reader don’t get a massive influx of my photos in my feed.
However, last night, I forgot to do that. Oops. Umm, sorry. I hoped you enjoyed the last half of my 2005 and all of my 2004 life whizzing by you.
I’m working on getting all my photos up on flickr so I can re-integrate them into my site in the appropriate places, where I used to have all my photo galleries before my host got all jerky and price-gouging about my bandwidth. I uploaded a year and a half last night, and I have about 3 more years to go, then there will be sorting, captioning, etc. I’ve been doing it on a month-by-month basis, and it’s been an exercise in nostalgia for me.
But I promise, I turned the feed splice off for the remain bits.

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