I can has Microbus???

I can has Microbus???

An older Microbus that was cruising the neighborhood. The owner seemed interested in selling.

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  1. CGHill

    Good heavens. I learned to drive in one of those, back in the Pleistocene era. Few things concentrate the mind quite so wonderfully as going zero to sixty in thirty seconds or so and trying to figure out at which points therein you’re supposed to shift, VW being too cool to give you a tach and the engine being twelve feet away and hard to hear above the wind noise.

  2. Steph

    Sounds sort of like driving the Smart Car, when you shift and then wait two seconds in the middle of the intersection while you hope and pray that the gears catch and propel you around the corner before you get creamed by the oncoming traffic.
    While we were standing about gawking at the bus (I love them and have always wanted one) the owner came out and talked to us – we might be striking a deal in a couple months.

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