Our Library
Our Library, mostly squared away now, and organized. I’m so glad; we can sit and read in front of the fire. Ideally, we want to replace the two chairs with a more comfortable loveseat.
Our Cookbook Library
Stephanie and sorted our Cookbooks out last night – we both have some great ones and we reorganized them so we can pick out recipes quickly. We both want to do more cooking at home and less pre-packaged food. I bought the Weight Watcher’s Cookbook a while back, and that’s the first one I want to pull recipes from. We also have a good Slow Cooker book, which is going to be a staple, I think, for when we’re busy.
The recipe thing is one we want to get sorted out, too. I have all mine here on my site, and a printed binder of them that Stephanie made for me. Stephanie has most of hers on a magnet clip on the refrigerator. I’d prefer to build a searchable database of recipes, but I’ll have to scout out what software would be good for that. Actually, I’d prefer to build a searchable database of recipes here on my site, but that’s a research project on it’s own, similar to the library database I want to build for my books.
If anyone has suggestions, brainstorming or ideas for these, let me know.

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