Writing? What me? I never do that any more…

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down to write a real journal entry – since we arrived home from our trip, actually. I spent a lot of time organizing my trip photos, and working on a site design for one of my friends. Most of my day to day updates end up on twitter, and I’ve been so busy at work and playing so much catch-up on my blog reading that I haven’t had a chance to write much. I’ve eliminated numerous blogs from my feed reader because I just can’t keep up any more.
I’m so far behind writing little reviews of what I’ve read. I have a stack of 8 books I’ve finished and need to write about, and a giant stack of books from the library to read. I may end up doing a short post where I list the books I’ve read without actually reviewing them, because I get really bogged down and don’t have the time for it.
I’ve been buying loads of cheap crap on eBay – I’ve had an art project stewing in my brain ever since we visited Earl and Syd’s house on the trip, and I want to work on it.
Our vegetable garden seems to have done well for a first attempt. We had a bumper crop of cucumbers and have been giving them away. A few sugar snap peas. The lettuce came in fairly well early, and we had a decent crop of radishes. We learned some good stuff, too – cucumbers need a lot more room, for one thing. Next year we’ll have a little better organization, and I think we’ll do even better.
Did I mention my sister is going to have a baby? I know I talked about it on Twitter. It’s very exciting – we’re going to have a little British niece or nephew. Aren’t aunts and uncles a huge thing in English children’s literature? I expect to be a character in our own Chronicles of Narnia any day now. “Then Charlie’s lesbian aunts flew in from America…”
We have our regular work-sponsored “Fast Friday” at the track today – this year we’re doing it for the NASCAR race here on the Indy track. Because I’m obviously such a huge NASCAR fan. Right. I did enjoy Talladega Nights, though, and more recently – Cars, which we finally saw after being laughed at repeatedly the entire time by all the other drivers on our road trip. (You haven’t seen CARS? That restaurant was in CARS! Hey look, we’re in front of the gas station from CARS! It didn’t help that the movie painstakingly included lots and lots of attractions from Route 66 to support the historic restoration efforts.)
The whole “going to the track” thing is really wasted on me, though. It’s too bad I can’t trade out with some of the guys from our road trip; they love the race cars and asked all about living near the Indy 500. I didn’t tell them that I regularly turn down tickets to the race every year (my dad has had them since I was a little kid) and even sort of avoid the west side of town when there’s a race on. I did mention you can hear the cars from our house though. That’s true of most of city, though – the noise really carries. Anyways, I better go get ready; I’m carpooling to the track with Rich…

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