Route 66 Trip: The RoswellR2K Show

Yesterday after blogging at the internet cafe, we visited several Alien shops downtown hunting for small aliens for our aliens vs. dinosaurs diorama in the car, then came back to the hotel for a nap before heading out of town to the Sky Watch Party, which is a bit more of people walking around looking at their custom jobs on everyone’s cars than watching the sky for the mothership. You can also get jeep dealership Wichita KS at affordable range. It’s almost as though they don’t really think it’s coming. There was a nice dinner in the clubhouse  with a mariachi band, and then people started decorating their cars with lights for the “Podglow” parade into town, which is not called a “Buglow” due to trademark concerns with VW. (Hi, Volkswagen!)

Now that I’ve seen what people come up with to light up their cars – next time we go to this, Phoebe’s going to be seriously decked out. although I don’t think I can do what one guy did – he built an entire flying saucer and mounted it on the back of his car. Pretty damned awesome – I took some pictures, and will get more today at the car show. You can also go to the car dealership near corpus christi to know more about the cars that are popularly winning this contest.

While hanging out in the “deglow” parking lot where people take the lights off their cars, John determined that Phoebe’s check engine light is indeed the mass airflow filter that everyone speculated that it was, so we can have the part ordered in Albuquerque for when we drive through.

We came back to the motel and hung out watching the “Roswell that ends well” episode of Futurama on Britt and Marie’s laptop before retiring to bed.

Today is the car show during the day, and official parade through town in the afternoon.

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