Speaking of my new leather chair….

yes, let’s do that. No, I didn’t buy it from this site, and didn’t pay nearly that much for it. 🙂
I sat in this chair at Kittles for quite some time while gabbing to Kathy on my cell phone, and it is COM-FY! And the price was really great, so I couldn’t pass it up. Also, I got no interest, no payments for 12 months. Cool.

It’s getting delivered tomorrow, and I can hardly wait!!!
The only thing better would have been the Manhattan chair from Pottery Barn, and it was twice the price, but equally as comfy to sit in.
I’ve wanted a real leather chair forever and a day, and I’m thrilled to finally be getting one. The living room chair I have is decent, but uncomfortable to sit in for long periods of time, and I got it free from a friend who was moving somewhere. Ditto with my crappy couch, but a different friend and a different somewhere. So most of the time I lie on the couch, which makes me feel like an invalid and also makes it hard to read. Now I have a reading chair, and coming soon a cool rolling table so I can sit in the chair and use my laptop. And a really cheap used but much much nicer couch.

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