Reasons I’m Looking Forward to Spring

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  • Can race in and out of gym for water aerobics in a t-shirt and shorts, rather than having to drag my coat and winter gear through the locker room.
  • Can leave water aerobics with wet hair and not feel cold the rest of the evening.
  • 200+ bulbs we planted in the yard will be blooming, and I can start on vegetable garden planting.
  • Maybe, finally, our roof, gutters and balcony porch will be done — and we’ll be able to read and have tea on the balcony at night, looking at the stars.
  • More wedding planning.
  • Route 66 planning.
  • Long walks with the dog around the neighborhood, taking pictures.
  • Getting started on one of the furniture refinishing projects in the garage.

So — how about you? What are you looking forward to?

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  1. Stephanie

    * Can drive Phoebe again without worrying about snow and salt.
    * It may be lighter outside when I leave for the rink in the mornings.
    * Can go for walks again at lunch at work.
    * Can grill out for dinner.
    * Won’t have to wear sweaters all the time.

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